Juice Cleanse

Thrive has created a juice feasting program designed to begin at any time — our Levity Cleanse Juice Feast!

In a juice feast, you drink only juice without any solid food.  You can juice feast for one day, three days, one month, two months, three months, or even four months. We typically recommend that people juice for 7-days for a good system clean-out, however have smaller and longer-duration cleanses available too!

A juice feast floods your body with all of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, beta carotenes, enzymes etc. that your body needs.  Once you are really into learning about juicing you will understand the difference between the terms “juice feasting” and “juice fasting”.  These aren’t just semantics–there is a big difference.  In a juice feast, you drink as much as you want, whenever you want. No depriving your body of calories.  Just pure, levity-inducing cleansing.  The Levity Cleanse is designed to give your body a rest and help it heal more rapidly.

All programs include one gallon of fresh, life-giving organic vegetable juice per day and one add-on (bottles are not included.)