Achille Bigliardi III President

Achille is a retired healthcare executive and has focused his four decade career entirely on high-technology healthcare companies.  He has invested in five start-up businesses in the past several years and, in most cases, acted as an advisor to the president.  He founded a company that developed alcohol-in-breath testing equipment for law enforcement and emergency rooms.  He also founded a company that developed an automated immunochemistry analyzer to eliminate the use of radioactive isotopes in the clinical laboratory.  He joined a public high tech company that was at the brink of bankruptcy and was instrumental in the company turnaround; tripling revenues and generating significant profits within seven years.  Although, the common description of the companies that Achille joined or founded are ‘HealthCare’.  He recently concluded these are ‘SickCare’ companies since they detect illnesses and believes Thrive is a true HealthCare company because its customers are able to enjoy healthy, great tasting gluten-free, dairy-free and organic raw food.