About Us

We're here to demolish the myth that to eat healthy you must sacrifice deliciousness, and to provide you with a trusted brand of quick and convenient products and services that will have you choosing whole, plant-based foods and as an access to health and vitality.

Founded in 2008, Thrive is the leading organic, plant-based restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. Open daily from 11AM to 9PM and catering to a diverse clientele of both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, our fully gluten- and dairy-free menu offers a variety of nutrient-packed organic juices, smoothies, salads, raw entrees, and warm grain bowls to keep you going all day long.

We know that finding healthy yet delicious food on the go can be a challenge, which is why we've designed our quick-serve menu in such a way that everything on it can be made in just a few minutes.  Our food is available for dine-in and take out, and is fast, easy, and most importantly -- packed with the perfect combination of nutrients to make you feel great so you're ready to take on your day.... or night.  You can even text in your order ahead of time so it is waiting for you when you arrive.